Finding The Best Carpet Stain Removers

By far the biggest challenge that most any carpet owner struggles with is the removal of carpet stain. You already have your own procedures on your carpet to remove stains, but I have also added a short list of ways to do it yourself, just in case you haven’t mastered these tricks. Please note that if you remove some stain from the carpet, ALWAYS blot the stain, NEVER scrub or rub it into the carpet fibres if you didn’t know it already. The explanation for blotting is to prevent the stain deeper into the carpet from burying it.Visit our website to get free information about best carpet stain removers.

Easy Remedy for Home

The first step in removing any carpet stain is to carefully clean any debris lying on top of the carpet. Remove it gently with a paper towel if it is solid, and dispose of it. Now, if the stain is high, you’ll want to work from the outside and transfer to the centre slowly. When washing the stain, it stops spreading farther out. With a clean, absorbent towel or sponge, blot any liquid that is on the surface. In a tub wide enough to hold this mixture, mix one fourth cup of clear dish liquid (like Dawn dish soap) with 1 cup of water.

Apply this solution to a clean cloth directly and dampen the fibres of the carpet, but do not soak the carpet. Blot the carpet softly when frequently turning the fabric. Use your fingertips to work the solution into the base of the stain if needed. Fill a large cup with warm water after applying the mixture and carefully pour water on the treated stain, sufficiently to clean the solution for the dish. Cover the entire area with an absorbent cloth and apply pressure after applying water, long enough to soak up much of the liquid. Continue the blotting and rinsing process until you eliminate all traces of the solution.

After this method, if the stain is removed, cover the whole area with a clean, absorbent towel and put a strong, color-fast object on the towel that will help soak up the rest of the liquid in the fibres of the carpet. When the area is dry, you will need to constantly change towels.

Mix 2 tablespoons of household ammonia with 1 cup of warm water in a tub wide enough to accommodate the mixture if the stain is not removed during this process. Pour the solvent carefully onto the dye. Fill a cup with water and clean the carpet with the ammonia solution. Then blot the area as previously mentioned. DO NOT dry the area with paper towels after blotting is finished. By combining 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water in a sufficiently large container and putting this solution into the carpet fibres, you need to neutralise the ammonia scent. Fill a big cup with water and clean the carpet fibres with this solution. Finally, as previously done, you blot the area and then cover the whole area with a clean, absorbent towel over the area. To help soak up the remainder of the fluid in the carpet, put a heavy, color-fast item on the towel. When the area is dry, you will need to constantly change the towel.