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November 3, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

If there is any job that conceals a risk and risk minefield, it’s construction work. Thousands are critically injured or killed in building accidents on construction sites every year. And while many precautions have been placed in place to protect employees, the number one cause of job-related deaths in America continues to be construction accidents. Learn more about Construction Lawyer Charleston SC.

Construction Lawyer Charleston SCThis year, a whopping 1 out of every 10 employees will be injured. This is why you need an Injury Attorney for Building. This high accident rate is greatly aided by hastily designed scaffolding, incorrectly braced cranes and falls from high places. Economic pressure to get buildings up faster and faster is only making matters worse in Los Angeles, as in other major cities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) predicts that the construction industry will have 1000 work-related fatalities nationally this year. In fact, this pattern is so disturbing that Congress is investigating whether OSHA ‘s policies are not only sufficient, but are being implemented, after ten workers died in seventeen months in construction accidents in Las Vegas.

With on-site injuries, Charleston SC Building Accident Lawyers are seeing more and more catastrophic cases emerge. Burns, amputations, spinal injuries, asphyxiation due to inadequate ventilation, crashes, blindness and head injuries are only a few of the devastating building accidents that can, often permanently, put victims out of work. Others face a lifetime prescription regimen and/or recovery for weeks or months. Their families are also without income during that period.

It is the responsibility of the General Contractor of the construction site and its subcontractors to ensure the safety of their staff, to maintain a workplace as free of potential hazards as possible and to supervise work situations on site. This, sadly, isn’t always the case. Building incidents are often caused by incompetent general contractors or contractors who have given up oversight to negligent sub-contractors. When a bobcat carrying an unbalanced load of drywall broke, Ben Howland, a drywall hanger in Los Angeles, was walking across his work site, dropping the load on him. He was left in a state of paralysis, unemployment, and destruction. His Los Angeles Building Accident Attorney showed that the subcontractor ‘s negligent oversight and a poorly maintained forklift were to blame for the accident. Ben had $2.5 million raised.

In on-site construction accidents, third party negligence plays a growing role. Faulty third-party equipment, i.e. broken scaffolding, heavy equipment not properly maintained, or faulty power tools, can trigger an unexpected accident even with the best oversight. Negligent, third parties can also claim partial liability, according to the statute. If you have suffered such an accident, an experienced building accident attorney will untangle the guilt of third-party negligence for you.

Under this shadow of injury, not only construction workers collapse. This same rule of law extends to visitors to a work site or innocent passers-by who suffer injury or death. Recently, in New York City, a prime example of this occurred when a crane fell off the roof of a building under construction and almost destroyed a building across the street, killing many people and injuring others. These victims had little to do with the building site, but were victims of the general contractor’s negligence, product protection concerns and other negligence of third parties that had yet to be determined in court.

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